Welcome to CryptFinTra!

Welcome to CryptFinTra 


We will trade your Crypto currency.

We will trade your FIAT currency.

We will NEVER trade your personal & Financial Info.

Keep your money safe and protecting your DATA

Why are so many people investing in Digital currencies ?

  • They have a cap or maximum number of coins
  • The price keeps rising each year
  • Crypto coins are not controlled by greedy bankers and politicians

Why are so many people coming to CryptFinTra Exchanges?

  • We offer a safe place for your DATA & money Digital and FIAT currencies
  • By law we do not share Exchange, Bank or Account info with any other country. Laws of Georgia apply
  • No regulations from outside agencies or governments
  • You decide what happens to your money
  • We offer Debit Cards from MasterCard and Visa that can be used worldwide
  • Crypto and FIAT currencies can be traded and saved in your wallet or transferred worldwide.

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